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MyDNAPedia DNA tests

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Explore your fitness, nutrition and
well-being with MyDNAPedia DNA test.

Do you have goals for your exercise or just training to keep up your good health?


Want to find out genetic details behind your nutrition?


Are you wondering what your genes reveal from your well-being?


No matter which one you are thinking of, MyDNAPedia tests fit to your needs. We are all one of a kind, so your training program, nutrition or well-being questions should be addressed with genes to meet your unique genetic features.

Based on MyDNAPedia genetic analysis,
you would receive the following:

Scientific information on your inheritable strenghts and development areas (Fitness).


Scientific information on how genes make your body deal with things you eat and drink (Nutrition).


Scientific information on your risks and well-being (Wellbeing).


Scientific information on genes related to the appearance of the skin and the risk of skin diseases (Skin Health)


Content of MyDNAPedia DNA Tests


Aerobic fitness and anaerobic threshold potential
Maximal oxygen uptake potential
Muscle cells
Muscle fatigue and recovery
Maximal force output
Ultra-marathon performance and range of motion
Training motivation
Risk for Achilles tendinopathy
Risk for ligament injury
Risk for muscle injury
Risk for venous thrombosis


Risk for overweight and fat metabolism
Effect of processed meat consumption on colon cancer
Lactose metabolism*
Alcohol metabolism
Caffeine metabolism
Tasting bitter
Celiac disease**
Resistance to norovirus


*Genetic variants related to lactose metabolism. The test is not for diagnosing lactose intolerance.

**Genetic variants that affect the risk of gluten intolerance.


Folate metabolism
Risk for low vitamin D level
Risk for osteoporosis
Iron metabolism
Risk for iron deficiency
Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
APOE (Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease)
Hippocampus size
Cognitive operations
Sleeping rhythm and activity


Skin elasticity
Skin antioxidant capacity
Sun sensitivity and pigmentation
Tissue repair and wound healing
Risk for melanoma
Risk for basal cell carcinoma
Risk for psoriasis
Risk for rosacea

MyDNAPedia Add On Tests

(Weight Management)

Your genetic inheritance affects not only your body’s metabolism but also your preferences and eating habits. In addition to the normal NUTRITION section, the extension includes following points:


Sweet Tooth
Sugar consumption
Greater appetite
Circadian rhythm and eating behavior
Emotional eating
Ability to lose abdominal fat
Response to low fat diet
Exercise responsiveness 
HDL-level response to exercise

Effect and Risks of

Your genetic inheritance partly affects on your alcohol tolerance, the feeling of pleasure with alcohol, and the health and social risks of alcohol use. From these, one can infer the susceptibility to alcohol dependence and alcoholism.


Alcohol tolerance (2 genetic markers)
Feeling of pleasure (6 genetic markers)
Risk of liver cirrhosis
Risk of impulsive behavior while intoxicated 


How is your DNA tested?


You collect the sample from your cheek inside your mouth with a simple, fast and painless method using buccal swab delivered with the MyDNAPedia DNA testing kit. The swab will collect cells that include your DNA.


We extract your DNA from the cells stored in the swab.


We will multiply your DNA a million-fold from the areas we examine using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


Thanks to multiplier-PCR we can see small mutations in your DNA, that are presented to you as a DNA testing report.